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Women’s Golf 101: 5 Tips for Beginners

For all women who love golf, and for those who are about to begin their journey on this sport, here comes our women golf 101. It is a golf guide that provides tips for beginners, allowing them to advance quickly on this exciting sport.

But before anything else, ready yourself because this sport also requires great patience, determination, and fortitude. Most of all, keep a record of the following tips which I will be discussing deeper in this article.

Tips for Buying Golf Equipment

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Before entering the golf course, you have to buy your set of equipment first. Of course, it includes golf clubs and so much more. As a beginner, though, you don’t need to buy the fancy ones. Only acquire the basic things you need but make sure that they have good quality.

Also, the best golf balls are not the expensive ones. Buying a cheaper brand will allow you to practice your first swing and hit without any problem.

Learning the Game and How to Play It

After buying everything you need, you have to learn the basics of the game first before learning how to play it. Just like any other sport, golf has its own rules that every player must follow. When learning the rules, make sure to keep them in mind, what good will your skills take you when you don’t follow the rules?


Afterwards, learn the basics of playing the game. Doing so will take you time and effort, but it will be worthwhile when you have finally mastered the basics.

To learn how to play golf, you may take private lessons from golf professionals, play with a friend, or ask a colleague to join you. You can also learn on your own if you prefer so since the internet offers a lot of courses that can help you out.

Ready Yourself to Play

Among the most important thing before playing any physical sport is to prepare yourself. Stretching will allow you to enhance your coordination, become flexible, and prepare your muscles for some action. If you stretch before playing, your swings are significantly better, and muscle pain is reduced.

Other than stretching, taking light swings using your golf club to hit some balls in the practice space also helps. It will allow you to become confident in doing swings, and it will help you to relax.

Tips When Playing the Game

When playing the game, play it on a short par-3 course at first. It is slightly less intimidating because the longest hole is only about 150 yards.

When you start the round, know the person who will hit the ball first. You can determine this by allowing every player to hit the ball. The player who hits the farthest hits the ball first.

Usually, there will be golfers who follow your group. For this reason, you have to play quickly. Walk to the position of the ball, assess your shot, choose your club, take time to imagine your shot, have a practice swing, then do your winning shot.

For those who don’t want to feel pressured by the following group, ask them to be the first to play the hole. Doing so will allow you to concentrate on your game better.

Notes for Scoring

In terms of scoring, keep in mind to have a scorecard and a pencil with you. These items are available in the clubhouse so ask for it before starting your round. Learn which tee box you are going to play. Whether it’s from the blue, red, or white, the tee box is the area where the round starts in golf.

Also, remember the distance from the tee box to allow you to determine the right club to use. Every time you hit the ball, count one stroke. If your ball land on a hazard, drop another ball near it and take a stroke penalty. The fewest strokes in the game win, which means the player with the lowest score is the winner.

Other Tips

  1. Learn the basic golf course etiquette.
  2. Always take a pad or notebook with you by securing it in your golf bag. Use to keep a record of the distance of your hits.
  3. Organize your bags. Doing so will allow you to have a smooth game flow.
  4. Prepare for your next shot.
  5. Practice can make you better.
  6. Know the cart rules of every course.
  7. Put a mark on your ball if you are following another golfer. Place it directly at the back of your ball. You may also use ball marker-clips, bejewelled balls, and coins.
  8. Take some golf lessons to encourage you to learn further.
  9. Be early on your game to give yourself time to relax.
  10. Use women clubs for a lighter experience. Such clubs help to make the ball higher, and it enables you to swing with ease. As a result, you will be able to enjoy the game more.


To summarize, women who want to begin playing golf requires essential tips to progress quickly. The primary tip that every woman must know before anything else is to equip themselves with much patience, determination, and the strong desire to master the game. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy it.


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