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How To Pick The Best Golf Clubs For Women?

There are growing numbers of female golfers these days. It is one of the reasons why many golf clubs developers are presenting products targeting women.Golf clubs for women has a different design than men’s set of clubs. Choosing the best golf clubs will also depend on the skill level or type of player you are.

This picking process gives headaches to female golfers. To solve this problem,we have listed the necessary features you should look into a set of golf clubs. We will also introduce you to some of the top women’s golf clubs online right after.

A Quick Buying Guide for Women’s Golf Clubs

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Check out these top features of women’s golf clubs before picking the right product!


Buy a product that is within your budget, but offers the highest quality to look for. Many golf clubs are now offered at a reasonable price since the demand is increasing.The market provides several options of best golf clubs for women to choose from.


The length of a golf club will have an impact on your swinging ability. It normally depends on women’s height, which is smaller than males.This feature comes first because it will affect the entire golf experience.



Selecting the most suitable loft design will consider your skill level.There are two options available.

For the newbies, higher lofts could be the best choice. This type will provide a desirable result even in a not-so-perfect shot.

For experienced golfers, they can go for lesser loft clubs. It performs more precise shots regardless of the expertise.


You can pick between two shafts made of different materials, including graphite and steel.Each one bears its own pros and cons for women golfers.

The graphite shaft is lighter in weight and yet works in a lesser distance. It fits on physically thin women.

Steel Shaft is a bit heavier than the former and yet creates greater yardages. Those who can lift heavier clubs are to whom the steel shaft is suitable.


Club-heads increase the length of the club.Look for perimeter-weighted club-heads which are highly suitable for women golfers.If you cannot find any, look for club-heads that possess the same technology as such.

Some More Tips in Choosing the Right Women’s Golf Clubs

  • Identify what level of golfer you are. It might be between low handicap, mid-low handicap, high-mid handicap, and high handicap.Each defines your golfing skill from high to low ability.
  • Look for a list of golf clubs that might fit your skill level.Check the features each product claims and make a checklist until you come up with the right golf club for you.
  • Test your chosen golf clubs by hitting a few balls with them.It makes you decide in the right way than self-guessing.
  • Pick the gold club that brings comfort to you.

Top 3 Golf Clubs for Women Reviews

As promised, below is a list of best golf clubs for women. Pick your desired product that best fits your needs.

1. Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Set

Callaway gives you a wide selection of golf clubs in a package set. It contains 10 pieces of various golf clubs. It comes with a stand bag to store the tackles at once. This purchase is best for budget-oriented golfers.

They used stainless steel shaft that guarantees longer shots. The other options used a graphite shaft for more distance shots. There are also 5 hybrids designed for versatile shots.They include three head covers. Accurate shots are possible with the help of the putter mallet.It is not bothered by the distance.

You can easily carry the bag through a durable back strap. It has five pockets to store other things.

2. Majek Senior Lady Hybrid Golf Club Set

This set of a golf club is best for seniors. They are hybrid clubs, appropriate to deal with the most common issues of seniors.They used up hybrid iron with a graphite shaft for old women to easily grip on. The product is highly tested through surveys of 55-years old women.

You can get a complete set of golf clubs contained in a deluxe stand bag. It also includes three head covers to protect your tackles when not in use.

Other important golf gears are also included, such as driver and putter. They promote lighter clubs with oversized heads that can hit farther shots. It can be easily controlled especially by seniors.

3. Nitro Blaster Golf Set

This one is for women golfer who is developing its skill into the intermediate level. It is a 15-piece set that includes everything you need to level up. You can store them all in a golf bag every after golf session.

Nitro uses a blend of three materials, including steel, graphite, and plastic. It is PGA-certified and recommended for all levels of player.

In every game, you may pick between fairway wood, hybrid, and iron-designed clubs. Each performs consistently to the demand of the game.You can do a perfect shot even in a rough situation. Just take control of the putter for proper alignment.

Final Words

Overall, choosing the best golf clubs for women is so crucial with many factors to consider. With that in mind, buying one requires an opinion of a real golf player to end up with the right product. Plus, the market offers a wide range of various golf clubs. You may read again the above-details to make things clearer.

Share this buying guide with female golfers in your circle! They’ll thank you later.


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