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13 Must-Have Women’s Golf Accessories

Other than plenty of golf balls and a set of clubs, there are many more accessories needed to boost golf sport. Making it complete is a great advantage for every player to win a perfect shot.

You can visit apparel stores nearby to look for things that should be added to your golf bag.We have listed below ten most important golf accessories for women. Let’s get it started!

1. Golf Shirt

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Wearing a comfortable shirt will have an impact on your entire game. There are personalized golf tees for women in the market. It has printed logos and messages in connection to the sport.

Get a shirt from golf clothes manufacturers to ensure high quality and durability. They sometimes take advantage of it for promotional use.

2. Golf Shoes

A lady wearing golf shoes looks trendy and practical. These are special shoes able to sweep on the grass without getting any scratches. Normal shoes won’t make you play the game better than golf shoes.

3. Golf Towel


This kind of towel is not used on the face and other parts of the body to wipe wetness.It is a cloth used to clean dirty club faces and golf balls. It has two parts, the inside and outside towel. Just damp the inside towel and use it to rub down club faces and golf balls. Dry the towel and then wipe your hands and golf grips.

4. Golf Gloves

For sure you will be holding the golf racket for extended hours. It can be tiring and can cause damage to your bare hands.A pair of quality gloves will protect your hands to play a better game at any time.

5. Golf Cap

Various organizers of golfing tournaments are now requiring the use of golf cap for all the players. It is within the rules and regulations of golf sport. The cap protects your top from strong sun rays, winds, and chills.They are washable to remove excess dirt for the next game.Sizes are available to fit anyone.

6. Golf Visor

In addition to wearing a cap is a golf visor. Women are more sensitive to UV rays of the sun thus need additional protection. A visor safeguards the eyes from the sun to help you hit a golf ball properly. You would not miss hitting a golf ball again this time. They come very stylishly to keep your fashion while in the golfing area.

7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are different from visor in a way.They have the same purpose which is to protect the eye against the sunlight.However, everyone in the field can wear glasses, not just players.

It aids them to watch a game with better comfort and safety. Look for a good pair of sunglasses in the market. Most golf wear manufacturers offer high-quality sunglasses, so look after them.

8. A Bottle of Sunscreen

You will spend more than an hour to finish a game which can burn your neck due to sun exposure.Most golfers spend three hours on the golf course.Bring an extra sunscreen on your bag as protection.

9. A Grip Control Lotion

Maintaining your grip on the club may not be easy without applying a grip control lotion. No bad feeling at all as only one application is needed. It will last for several hours not being sticky. You can easily grip on the club while bringing other stuff.

10. Light Rain Jacket

Golf players are not only battling with the heating sun but also on sudden rains. Prepare yourself for changing weather by bringing a lightweight rain jacket in your bag. This accessory is just for emergencies not to slow down your game.

11. Water Bottle

It is important to stay hydrated during a gold course. Though water jugs are usually placed in every few holes,a water bottle helps to keep you going. Get a reusable water container so you can fill it up through the round.

12. Permanent Marker

You may use a permanent marker to put a mark on your golf ball. Some missing golf balls are a result of not having a distinctive mark on it. Do not ever use a temporary marker for its ink won’t last and may cause misplacement of the golf balls.

13. GPS Devices

The last golf accessory for women on the list is GPS devices. It is the most important gear so far in the golf courses. Download a golf GPS app on your phone, examples are Sky Golf and Golf shot. It gives information on how your golfing experience going in a very detailed way.You can avoid self-guessing about your progress in the course.

Final Words

With the right accessories, your golfing session will be at its best. We are calling women golfers out there to check out the most essential gears you may bring in the course. It might be too plenty but brings in a lot of benefits to your game.Most of their aim is to provide protection and safety for the players.

All of the above golf accessories are available online or in stores worldwide.So, it is time to complete your golf tackles!


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