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10 Ladies Golf Swing Tips

As you master your golf skills, the game becomes more enjoyable. Among the essential thing to note about golf is that every detail of your movement can affect your shot. And one of those is the way you swing. In this article, I am about to all ladies golf lovers out there some swing tips that can help to improve your winning shot.

Bend The Hips

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Women golfers before bend at their knees than lean their body at their hips. Knee bending can ruin the proper posture of a golf player, and it takes away swing power.

On the other hand, bending the hips makes an athletic stance that helps to push your rear and the back of your shoulder blades. It makes room for your swing, and it can improve your balance.

Observe Correct Grip

The proper grip makes a good golf swing. Given that it is the only connection you have with the golf club, having a wrong grip makes the entire swing incorrect. Developing this wrong habit can make your swing worse as time passes by.

To do a proper grip, begin by standing while your arms and arms hang naturally and loosely. Do not change the position or angle of your hands then position the club in your left hand. But, ensure that the clubface is parallel to your target line.


The golf club is inline in a diagonal line across the fingers while the butt is on the bottom part of your heel pad.

Swing Through The Ball

Keep your swing fluid and relaxed while hitting the golf ball cleanly, powerfully, and crisply. These things might be your primary goal when making a shot, but focusing primarily on hitting the ball makes a swing awkward. It may also lead to hurried effort and the bad result, so you better drop the pressure and swing through the ball.

When hitting the ball, think like you are doing it with your practice swing. Doing so can make you more relaxed and comfortable even if you compete.

Room For Power

Strategy and accuracy are both critical when attempting to target low scores and enhance your handicap. But, power plays a huge role in the game. It makes every game so much better.

For all the ladies out there who want to master their best shot, position yourself in a way that you can add power to your swing. Make a wide stance while keeping the ball placed slightly forward. Afterwards, put about 60% to 65% of your weight on your back foot while your upper torso and head are tilted slightly back.

Add Some Resistance

Adding power in your swing is done through creating tension between your lower and upper body then unwinding the control smoothly and gradually. You can get yardage by adding resistance in your hips. And if the degree of the angle between your hips and shoulders is higher, expect more power in your hit.

Sweep The Golf Ball

This golf swing tip for women is somewhat similar to swing through the ball earlier. When using longer clubs like the 3-metal, 5-metal, the driver, and the 7-metal hit the ball by sweeping the club ahead with the ground. Doing so collects the ball at the same time.

But when using mid and long irons, you may hit down that makes the ball contact slightly before the gold club. But using longer clubs and the driver, put the ball a little forward in the stance and focus on sweeping the ball.

Shift Weight To Your Forward Foot

The golf swing is the balance between allowing fluid and natural movement that continues from backswing to forward fully and naturally as well as making a solid foundation. Among the usual errors when swinging is to secure your heels to the ground until your body can’t turn through the ball in a good follow-through or hanging back.

After the swing, observe that your thighs will end up very close to one another.

Let Everything Flow

One of the main reasons why golf professionals recommend a relaxed swing is because it helps the club to unwind strongly through the ball. It creates a distinctive club head sound when making contact with the ball.

To let everything flow perfectly, practice on making a whoosh sound at the end of your swing.

Loose But Powerful

Playing golf can be physically demanding, just like any other sport. For this reason, these golf swing tips for women are better if you prepare beforehand. Do some stretching and exercise to improve your flexibility if you want to make your swing at its best. You should also do some strength exercises, especially on hips, shoulders, core, and legs.

Use A Hammer

Tension is one of the main ingredients of a good swing. This tension will be released through the elbows and wrists, making it essential to have an idea on how to do it.

A hammer will allow you to get an idea of the way your wrist releases power by holding one like you are about to hit a nail. Observe that raising and lowering the hammer with the arm makes it difficult. Using your wrist hinge and utilizing the leverage on your benefit makes the work easier.

Final Say

Now that you have completed learning these golf swing tips for women to practice them accordingly and make your winning swing in due time. Also, make sure to exercise beforehand to prepare your body for some swing.


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